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Dignity Road Report* - August 2020


Dear Dignifriends!

You might like to have a look at Evelin Lindner's essay Dignity now —  Forum contribution to 'After the pandemic: Which future?

First section of the essay: What We Can Do

We humans have dug ourselves into a multitude of perilous crises, both despite of and because of what we call progress. Still, few people seem to realize that we live in a historic moment of unparalleled promise. For the first time, humankind has the capacity to bring about the changes we need for a Great Transition. Unlike our forebears, we have the privilege of growing awareness of the planet-as-a-whole and the understanding that we humans are one species living on one tiny planet. The conditions are in place for nurturing mutual trust and solidarity as a global species, and acting to humanize globalization and reap the benefits that flow from our interdependence. [read more]

In deep gratitude to the entire global dignity family!
Evelin Lindner