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Dear All!

We are profoundly thankful to Linda Hartling for creating another wonderful Dignity Letter for us, full of information, all presented in dignifying beauty and with Linda's enormous artistic creativity!
Just click here and you can see all of the Dignity Letters that Linda has created since 2009.

All HumanDHS efforts are a labor of love — we are all Sharegivers! Linda has been deeply dedicated to the work of dignity for over three decades and she gives her time, energy, and loving creativity as a gift to the world. Linda wrote her doctoral dissertation on the violation of dignity — namely humiliation — in 1995, and she is the director of our global dignity family since 2003. She is like a gardener, a gardener of dignity, nurturing all people and projects that bring more dignity into this world.

We celebrate you, dear Linda!

In deep gratitude to you, dearest Linda
& the entire global dignity family!