Partnering and Co-Sponsoring with WDUi

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Partnering and Co-Sponsoring with WDUi

Post by DavidYamada »

Dear Members of the HumanDHS and WDUi Communities:

As interest in, and enthusiasm for, WDUi grows, we anticipate that some community members may wish to create more formal learning programs in association with WDUi, via some type of partnership or co-sponsorship that embraces a spirit and practice of mutually beneficial collaboration. Although we are open to different types of programs, we generally will favor proposals that not only share relevant content, but also bring people into conversation.

If you are interested in designing and offering a more formal learning program (course, seminar, workshop, discussion group, etc.) along these lines, then please send a proposal explaining the subject matter, format, available resources, etc. (approx. 1-2 pp.) to David Yamada at, with the heading “Proposal for WDUi” in the subject line.

Although we are not able to provide administrative or financial assistance, we can help to publicize events through our newsletter and offer our online platform to facilitate course offerings and our Forum to host discussion groups.

If you have any questions about possible program proposals, then please feel free to share them here or write to David Yamada at the email address above!
David Yamada
WDUi Director
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Re: Partnering and Co-Sponsoring with WDUi

Post by lhartling »

Thanks for this description of the proposal process for the WDUi, dear David!
I appreciate that proposals are only 1-2 pages in length.
Many thanks!
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