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Annual open lecture at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo in Norway, 2nd March 2018

Video recording (90 min) available at YouTube or UiO.

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From terrorism, war, and genocide to hatefully polarized societies to bullying and domestic violence, they often have their roots in the same dynamics of humiliation. How many of the world problems can be explained by humiliation? What happens when people feel humiliated or trampled on? If dignity is an antidote to humiliation, how can dignity be promoted? Does a country like Norway carry a particular responsibility? Is the cultural heritage of Norway of any significance, the heritage of likeverd, dugnad, and global responsibility (Fridtjof Nansen)? What is the role of academia in this context? What is the position of psychology as a field of inquiry and as a practice?
This talk is based on Evelin Lindner's most recent book titled Honor, Humiliation, and Terror published in 2017.

  • Topic: Introduction to Dignity and Humiliation
  • Activity: Watching
  • Format: Video